What Kind of Seller AM I?

We categorize our sellers in 3 different categories; New, Garage Seller, and Dealer. 

New Seller: Someone who sells new or returned merchandise. Someone who has a CA Sellers Permit and likes to buy their stall tickets one week in advance in rows 1-11. Someone who is looking to be on Permanent Reserve. Someone who sets up their space on the Friday before the Swap Meet opens.

Garage Seller: Someone who sells less than 3 times a year. Someone who sells personal merchandise they don't have any need for. Someone who does NOT have a CA Resale Permit. Someone who is moving and looking to get rid of their household items. Someone who purchases tickets same day in rows 12-20. 

Dealer: Someone who has a CA Resale Permit. Someone who has a mix of both new and used merchandise which they acquired from a storage sale, online, factory, their house, or store going out of business sale. Someone who wants to sell in rows 12-20.

Why can’t garage sellers be let in prior to shoppers?

The SVSM is located in a residential area, so in order to be respectful to our neighbors, Swap Meet operations cannot commence until 7:00am. We have also had issues in the past with shoppers paying sellers to ride into the selling field with them and getting in for free. 


We appreciate your understanding.


why Can't I reserve a Space in rows 12-20? 

Rows 12-20 are reserved for our same day and garage sellers only.

Those spaces are never available to reserve, we want to provide a designated area of the Swap Meet for vendors who are looking to clean out their house, move, or need to offload some extra things they have. 


I would like to sell food at the Spring Valley Swap Meet, what do I need to do?

In order to sell food at the Spring Valley Swap Meet, you need 3 things.


  1. A California Resale Permit.
  2. A Heath Permit acquired through the County of San Diego.
  3. A commissary and storage for your food or truck. The Swap Meet does not provide either
  4. Permission from the owner. Meetings can be scheduled through our Contact Us form.


Inquires received without proof of steps 1. & 2. completed will be ignored.


How do I purchase a same day space to sell?


Depending on the merchandise you are selling, we have two different ways to purchase tickets. If you are a Garage Seller, you can purchase tickets on a first come first served basis from the main Swap Meet entrance. Tickets usually sell out before 9:00am, so we recommend arriving in the 5:00am hour to ensure a space in line and a ticket to sell.

New Merchandise or Used Dealers, must purchase a ticket at the booth near the main entrance of the Swap Meet. Those are also sold on a first come first served basis. We require a valid ID and CA Resale Permit to sell in the New section of the Swap Meet. Both must be present with you when you purchase a ticket. We recommend purchasing a ticket before 9:00am.


Can I purchase a space to sell in advanced?

New merchandise vendors can purchase tickets one week in advance by putting their name on our ADVANCED SELLERS LIST. 


In order to be placed on the list, we require a CA Resale Permit and a valid ID. Once on the list, we will give you a number and work our way through the list on Saturday morning starting at 8:00am. Once your number is called, you can purchase a space anywhere in the New Section for the following weekend, Saturday and Sunday. 


How much are spaces?

Garage Seller spaces are $20. New merchandise spaces range from $25-$90. 


What are your hours?

We are open Saturday and Sunday, from 7:00am to 3:00pm.