Seller Rules:

  • People selling their own personal merchandise less than 3 times a year need only purchase a valid selling ticket.

  • Any person selling more than 3 times a year must have a California Resale Permit

  • Any person selling new or unused items, craft items, or any dealer of any type of merchandise must have a California Resale Permit

  • No selling of counterfeit items.

  • Cars cannot be parked overnight in the selling lot.

  • No games or rides allowed.

  • No selling food, water, gatorade, liquor, or anything else that can be eaten or drank.

  • Tarps must be weighed down with 10lb weights on each corner.

  • Respect your neighbors and Swap Meet employees.

Shopper Rules:

  • No dogs on the selling field.

  • No bicycling, skateboarding, rollerblading, or scooter riding is allowed on the selling field.

  • No overnight camping.

  • No soliciting, panhandling, or handing out of handbills or information except out of a purchased selling space.

  • Shopper admission will be charged of everyone unless they have a hand stamp valid for re-entry.

  • Respect all Swap Meet employees, fellow shoppers, and sellers