Spring Valley Swap Meet

Seller Information

6377 Quarry Rd, Spring Valley, CA 91977


Stall prices range from $20-$50 depending on your location on the selling field.

Garage Seller:

$20 a space

$25 for Trailers

$30 for Uhaul

If you sell less than 3 times a year. If you sell personal merchandise they don't have any need for. If you do NOT have a CA Resale Permit. If you are moving and looking to get rid of your household items. If you would like to purchase tickets same day in rows 12-20.

If you sell here more than 3 times a year, even if it is your own merchandise, you belong in the USED DEALER group.

No new or return merchandise of type, as determined by SVSM, can be sold in the Garage Seller area, rows 12-20. 


Used Dealer:

$40 a space

If you have a mix of new and used merchandise, which they acquired from a storage sale, online, factory, their house, or store going out of business sale. If you want to sell in our Garage Sale Section, rows 12-20. You are a Used Dealer.

You must have a California Resale number to sell, it can be obtained here. 



New Merchandise Dealer:


(Depending on your stall location)

Someone who sells new or returned merchandise. Someone who has a CA Sellers Permit and likes to buy their stall tickets one week in advance in rows 1-11. Someone who is looking to be on Permanent Reserve. Someone who sets up their space on the Friday before the Swap Meet opens.

Interested in selling? Click the button below to inquire about availability

You must have a California Resale number to sell, it can be obtained here.



To the right we have our field map. As you can see our selling field is broken down by merchandise.

Rows 1-11 are for NEW MERCHANDISE ONLY.

Rows 12-20 are for USED MERCHANDISE ONLY.


Is this your first time selling at the Swap Meet? Fear not! We have a step by step process on how to ensure that you get a space to sell this weekend. Tickets are $20 CASH ONLY.

Step 1:

Asses your merchandise. There are different processes to purchase a sellers ticket based on the type of merchandise you sell.

If you have garage sale or used merchandise, keep reading.

If you have new or returned merchandise, click here.

Aerial SVSM Edited for Sellers.jpg

Step 2:

Arrive at the Spring Valley Swap Meet before 6:30am. Our traffic attendants will line you up in our South Parking Lot (pictured right).

Step 3:

Fill out a merchandise forms that you will be handed by our traffic attendants while you are in line.

Step 4:

At 7:00am, the line will begin to move. When you get to the ticket booth, one of our gate girls will sell you a ticket. If you have any special needs, such as a trailer, long truck, or Uhaul, be sure to let our employees know so they can put you in an acceptable space.

Step 5:

Once you receive your ticket, there will be a space number on the ticket, that is where you can sell. Our field checkers will point you in the direction of your space, you may park in your space and begin to sell once you’ve arrived in the field.


Step 1:

Acquire a CA Resale Permit

Step 2:


Arrive at the Swap Meet in the 7:00am hour.

Step 3:

Get in the garage sale line in the parking lot south of Quarry Road.

Step 4:

Let the person selling a ticket know that you are selling new merchandise. You will be given a waiting number that you can take to the booth pictured to the right.

Step 5:

Purchase a ticket at the booth.


Step 1:

Acquire a CA Resale Permit

Step 2:

Bring ID and Resale Permit to office window, located under the big green Swap Meet sign

Step 3:

Luisa or Julianna will ask you to present your information, and you will be put on our Advance Seller list

Step 4:

Saturday mornings, at 8:00am, the Swap Meet randomly selects a number on the list to start with, and we sell tickets for the following weekend in the new section in order of the Advanced Seller list.

Seller Rules:

  • People selling their own personal merchandise less than 3 times a year need only purchase a valid selling ticket.

  • Any person selling more than 3 times a year must have a California Resale Permit

  • Any person selling new or unused items, craft items, or any dealer of any type of merchandise must have a California Resale Permit

  • No selling of counterfeit items.

  • Cars cannot be parked overnight in the selling lot.

  • No games or rides allowed.

  • No selling food, water, gatorade, liquor, or anything else that can be eaten or drank.

  • Tarps must be weighed down with 10lb weights on each corner.

  • Respect your neighbors and Swap Meet employees.